Toy car rail component



The utility model relates to the technical field of toys, in particular to a toy car rail component. The toy car rail component comprises a rail which is composed of a plurality of sections of the rail in sequential head-to-tail connection. The toy car rail component is characterized in that the rail is provided with a base plate and a groove, the groove is perpendicular to side edges of the base plate, is defined by two side plates, and guides a toy car, the plurality of sections of the rail is mutually disconnected and are arranged in an alternatively inclined mode to form a zigzag shape, and in every two adjacent sections of the rail, a lower end opening of a middle groove of an upper rail section is always located right above a middle groove of a lower rail section. The toy car rail component has the advantages of being easy to operate, enabling the toy slide car to smoothly slide from a high position of the rail to the lowest position of the rail, being strong in interestingness, and largely increasing the entertainment of a game player. Meanwhile, the toy car rail component is simple in structure, low in cost, safe, reliable and not prone to damage.




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