Axial-flow type generator set utilizing organic working medium Rankine cycle



The utility model relates to the technical field of low-temperature waste heat recovery and power generation, in particular to an axial-flow type generator set utilizing an organic working medium Rankine cycle. For solving the low-power and low-efficiency problems existing in the prior art and overcoming the shortcomings of the prior art, the technical scheme is that the axial-flow type generator set utilizing the organic working medium Rankine cycle comprises a main turbomachine, a speed-reducing gear box, a generator, a lubricating system and an electric control cabinet, wherein the main turbomachine comprises a casing, a rotor, a multistage axial-flow impeller, a stator blade ring, an air inlet chamber and a full-automatic regulating valve group arranged at the air inlet end of the air inlet chamber, the rotor is connected with the multistage axial-flow impeller, and the stator blade ring is arranged in the axial-flow type air inlet chamber. The axial-flow type generator set utilizing the organic working medium Rankine cycle has the advantages of being high in efficiency and large in set power.




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