Drawing machine for drawing film



The utility model relates to the technical field of drawing equipment, in particular to a drawing machine for a drawing film. The drawing machine for the drawing film comprises a frame and a control device, and further comprises an unreeling device, a drawing device, a dust removal device and a reeling device which are arranged on the frame in sequence, wherein the control device is electrically connected with the unreeling device, the drawing device, the dust removal device and the reeling device respectively; and the drawing device comprises a drawing roller, which rotates opposite to the feeding direction of a film material. A preset parameter for the normal operation of each device is preset in the control device at first; then, the unreeling device and the reeling device perform unreeling and reeling according to a preset tension parameter and a preset rate; and when the rotation speed of a film reaches a set value, the drawing roller rotates opposite to the feeding direction of the film material for drawing. One of the surfaces of a base film is subjected to drawing treatment, and emery of different particle sizes is selected to fit the surface to form drawing lines of different depths and densities; and the drawing film is clear and uniform in line, compact and neat to collect and high in product quality.




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