Operation mechanism lubricating device of isolating switch



The utility model relates to an operation mechanism lubricating device of an isolating switch, relating to power system equipment, wherein an oil injection hole is arranged on a bearing bush cup at the upper part outside a base; the oil injection hole is arranged at one side of the closing position of the switch; the oil injection hole is a screw hole; a sealing bolt matched with the oil injection hole is arranged on the oil injection hole; and a rotating handle is arranged at the rear end of the sealing bolt. According to the utility model, the isolating switch is lubricated and maintained by adopting positioning, punching and bearing oil injecting technologies; the rust phenomenon of the isolating switch is greatly reduced; the time for overhauling the isolating switch is reduced by above 90%; simultaneously, replacement of fittings is reduced; a lot of maintenance cost is saved; the power supply reliability is increased; the power supply volume is increased; and higher social benefits are created.




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